Brand Philosophy

The Beginning of Kiton

Naples, a land of riches and cultures, prospered with more glory than any other European city. The wealth and multitude of cultures existing side by side gave the city a multicultural, exotic air that continues to be embodied by the people and scenery today. Classically tailored garments in style and demand with the upper classes of the time, encouraged the development of astounding tailoring techniques. Neapolitan tailors showcased their abilities to reach the heights of prosperity.

Born into a family of fabric merchants spanning seven generations, Ciro Paone was well-acquainted with Neapolitan tailors. Through his interactions with them, he became aware of the threat their increasing age and the environmental changes occurring in Naples posed on the region's magnificent tradition of tailoring. Desiring to succeed Naples' ageing tailors and preserve the tradition of Neapolitan tailoring handed down over generations, Ciro founded Kiton in 1969 and drew on existing traditions to launch a new era in quality suit tailoring.

The Kiton brand was launched with Enrico Isaia serving as modelist and Cesare Attolini in charge of tailoring. With Luciano Barbera also playing a role, the brand's launch was a historic showcasing of talent.

Kiton Values

Creating the world's most beautiful fashion garments, Kiton is particular in using only the finest fabrics and most-skilled craftsmen, and as set forth by Ciro, the brand is dedicated to the pursuit of elegance. From the coordination of dress making fabric and lining material, the preparatory ironing of fabric, and the shaping of shoulders and sleeves to the sewing of button holes, no effort is spared in creating a garment that wears comfortably and with ease. The trademark soft feel and beautiful draping nature of Kiton garments are the work of master tailors.

Created with the lavish use of cashmere, silk, linen, and other exclusive, seasonal fabrics, the pieces in the Kiton collection boast fluid lines and elegant silhouettes and drape delicately over the shoulders. The collection combines Neapolitan tailoring traditions and a fresh, modern feel for an end result that exudes glamorous appeal.

Kiton's beginnings are rooted in the succession of age-old traditions, and in recent years, the brand has drawn on the timeless values of elegance and quality to launch a complete collection that includes, first and foremost, suits and jackets, as well as coats, pants, ties, shoes, and knitwear. The result is an array of superior quality pieces fusing both classic and modern styles.

Overwhelming quality appealing to sharpened senses... The soft texture experienced upon passing one's arms through the sleeves of a Kiton garment is the fruit born of the passion and spirit that flows through the entire Kiton brand.

LavorazioneIntricate Hand-Made Process

Whether cutting, ironing, or sewing, each stage of the manufacturing process is carried out by a designated expert craftsman, and with many of the stages requiring time and high levels of skill, the majority are completed by hand. Kiton's exceptionally delicate fabric is all hand-cut piece by piece, after which it is hand-lined with a special camel lining soaked and shrunk in water. Individual garment parts begin to take shape as if having life breathed into them, and when fitted together, they are reborn entirely, in three dimensional form. Tailored by hand with seams curved and stitched to differing degrees, each part combines to create a garment with a beautiful silhouette that hangs off the shoulders with an airy elegance.

SartoThe Passion of Neapolitan Tailors

Creating a single jacket takes roughly 150 steps and 20 hours. In short, a jacket must pass through the hands of 150 craftsmen and requires a whole day to reach completion.

Kiton garments are created based on the remarkable tailoring techniques and culture that have existed in Naples since the age of the city's unrivalled prosperity within Europe. Indeed, they are works of art testament to the hard work, passion, and commitment to the highest tailoring standards of Neapolitan tailors.

MaterialeLuxury and Quality

In ceaseless pursuit of quality and originality, Kiton sources the most luxurious and highest quality fabrics from leading mills in England and Italy. The majority of the collections of these top mills are reserved exclusively for use by Kiton. From the finest and strongest 13.2 micron and Super 180's4PLY worsted, to 100% cashmere suit fabric and guanaco and vicuna wools, all fabrics exude the trademark feel and glamorous look unique to Kiton.